Thursday, February 11

How to train fleas

You don't have to know Spanish to get the message of this one-minute video we use in training to start simple churches.

The questions we ask after showing are:

1) who are the fleas?
2) what does the jar represent?
3) who are the jar lids?

We then discuss how all of this greatly affects the way we carry out the Great Commission.

Needless to say, some people get pretty upset after viewing and talking through these three questions. What do you think? Is this a realistic way to portray what has happened to the church today?


Chadd said...

Thanks for passing on this video. Any chance of finding a version of it that can be downloaded. I work in Mexico and would love to show it to friends.

GuyMuse said...


Download it directly from YouTube. There are many free video downloading tools. That is how I got the video in the first place to edit it with the Spanish graphics. I simply muted the voice track (which was in English) and added my own music track and Spanish subtitles.