Thursday, January 24

Freely you have received; freely give

What will it take to reach one-million new disciples of Jesus in the coming year? That was the topic of our all-day meeting yesterday that we asked you to pray for.

We praise God for the unity and common vision that was shared amongst all those attending. There were plenty of tough issues and concerns that had to be worked through. One by one these came out in our dialog. Those present seemed aware that unless we are united under the guidance and Lordship of Christ, nothing will be accomplished.

For me personally, yesterday's meeting was one of the most stimulating and challenging dialogs I have had in my twenty-year missionary career. Sitting in a circle with this group of influential Godly leaders with all their experience, resources, and people they lead, and discussing matters that impact the Kingdom of God in our corner of the world, was priceless! All the themes close to my heart were amply discussed: prayer, unity in the Body of Christ, evangelism, discipleship, church planting, ekklesia, empowering lay leaders, COSECHA (Harvest) training, city-church, mobilizing, etc.

I felt one of the major points dealt with was ownership. Who "owns" this undertaking? If this undertaking is to take off, those doing the actual work must have ownership and view the task as their own. With that understanding, all that our team has been given was freely shared with our brothers. It is now their project and undertaking. We are servants to assist them in any way needed. And God is the only one to receive glory, honor, or credit for all that He will do in the coming months.

Thank you for praying! The Lord was definitely in our midst yesterday. As the Lord brings us to mind, please continue to pray for this enormous undertaking that the Spirit would continue to lead, guide, and direct each step of the way.


John said...

Thanks for stepping out of the box and working for the Kingdom of God

GuyMuse said...


Thanks for stopping by and for your comment!